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Therapy Via Exercise for Trainer and Client

Exercise acts as therapy for a lot of people. Fitness goers often say that their exercise programs and the people they exercise with are like therapy. I think that this is also true for the trainer as well.

Many people have said that ‘exercise is their therapy’ and I completely agree. It definitely is for me every time I lace up my shoes for a run. Aside from the endorphins, your mind has time to be quiet. Often you’re just focused on your movements or surroundings.

IMG_8521As a trainer and group fitness instructor, my job has become my therapy. I feel just as good as my clients do after their workout. To prepare, I do some positive self-talk, go over some movements, play some music, and get myself pumped up. For that hour or more I’m completely in the zone for those in front of me.

The feeling that I get during and after a class is like flying through the sky with a big smile on my face. I’m pumped up but I’m also seeing people push their bodies in ways that they normally wouldn’t. That’s therapy for me.

Therapy can be different things to different people. When we get that freedom from exercise or our work, that’s pretty incredible!

Earlier today, my client said that she would be unable to make it to our session tomorrow, “my therapy”, she said. Without a second thought, I responded with “It’s my therapy too! I will miss seeing you but will look forward to next week.” I truly meant it. I’ve had a handful of different jobs, with the majority falling short of waking up with fervor and passion. Instead, most of my jobs felt like every day was a “Monday.” No other role has compared to the after-effects of teaching a class, coaching a team, or training a client.

If any of you reading have that “I’ve just had therapy” feeling from a fitness class, know that your instructor is feeling the same way. We give our enthusiasm and expertise equally, so our clients can feel good and leave with a positive vibe. Maybe a client has to hire a babysitter, leave work early, or put their husband in charge of house duties for the hour they are with us. Our hearts are in fitness, so we give our hearts the minute the music starts.

As I say at the end of every class, “Breathe in all of the strength and energy you put into your workout. I hope that all of that strength and energy takes through your day and your week!”


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