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HUG Project, Promising that HUG can make a difference

Making a difference in today’s world is something that most of us crave but often fall short. It’s a big task. Our world is a mess. But we can start small, with ourselves, in order to create positive change. If everyone works on their own self-improvement then the energy from our self-improvement will trickle into our families, communities, states, and beyond. We all need a HUG.

Health, Memories, and Generations.

I truly believe that HUG‘s can heal the world. Greatness comes from good health. My whole being is overcome with the thought that Health Unleashes Greatness. There are so many problems in the world, especially right now, and I believe that if these “leaders” had their health in check – mind, body, and spirit – that we, as a country, would be in a different place. When all three of these areas are healthy, the ability to thoughtfully and logically make decisions are present because every single part of us feels good.

Let’s simplify things a bit. If someone is overweight with high cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or sugar, are they happy? Probably not fully because 1) they don’t feel good most of the time (lack of energy, weak, and/or growing waistline and 2) they may worry about these health factors. If your quality of sleep is less than, can you be your best every day? Most likely, no. Lack of sleep can lead to an array of health disorders and issues but to keep it simple we will say that a lack of sleep could cause depression, a lack of energy, can effect your temperament, and could impair judgement, etc… Are we at our best if our minds are going a mile a minute without being fully present or if we are constantly in stress-mode? Probably not. Meditation is known to benefit our mental health, but if we don’t practice mental health strategies we aren’t fully equipped to deal with anxiety, stress, and the ups and downs of every day life.

As a fitness specialist I see the incredible effects of an unhealthy body transformed into a healthy body. Every couple of weeks a new member will join my classes out of shape, not having truly moved their bodies in years. Within a couple of weeks of taking bootcamp and yoga classes, I can see a subtle shift in their mental state, confidence, and overall fitness. Over time this subtle shift turns into a transformation. As a witness to this transformation, there’s no denying that health does unleash greatness. HUG.

Mind, Body, Spirit.

I promise you that health can bring on positive change. HUG. You can see it in the unhealthy, i.e. the current U.S. President. If he meditated he wouldn’t send out hurtful, impulsive tweets in the middle of the night nor would he separate thousands of children from their parents. Nobody with a healthy mind would do that.  Would they?

What we are all seeing now is a huge display of sickness and ignorance. We are witnessing inhumane treatment of humans trying to make their lives better. We are subjecting the complete opposite of good health to thousands of innocent children. We know how important health is to our individual greatness, yet we are seeing children being deprived of health on the basic levels. Children are being stripped from their families and family is the very foundation of life. While I type, our political leaders are going against the fact that individuals thrive and ward off illness when living among family. The leaders of our country are denying children the opportunity to thrive and survive. This particular trauma will live in the hearts and cells of these children forever. The theory of epigenetic inheritance says that trauma is passed on to each generation. Therefore, the “centers” our administration is filling with children who we tore away from their parents, is going to live and breathe in each child for years, for generations. Will these children ever get to unleash their greatness?

HUG in Families

HUG – each of us needs it. We need to become our best selves so we can help others be their best selves. From sea to shining sea we need to support families, treat each other with civility, and help one another rise above the perils of governments who lack empathy and dignity. We need to remember where we came from and who we want to be because each step should be a step forward towards unity. Each step left behind is a step we learn from in our mind, so we can make a greater path for those to follow instead of getting the wrath of the past. Let’s use our health, our strong bodies, minds, and hearts to unleash the greatness in those who need it most.


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