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Bear Crawls

All of my fitness class locations are pretty special. However, the San Francisco Zoo class is the one you can always count on. We are so lucky to have a great relationship and partnership with them. we are all zoo members and we get to exercise together at our children’s favorite place! Regardless of your lack of sleep, a diaper blow-out or the incessant whining of your toddler or preschooler, you WILL get through the class with a smile because the zoo really turns any frown upside-down and mix it with exercise, you’ve won gold!



It may look like my little guy is teaching class, but I can assure you that I still am. So, tell me, who wouldn’t want to do bear crawls next to a bear!?! We also have been known to perform various types of hopping with the kangaroos, resistance band penguin walks with the penguins, really long plank or squat holds with the gorillas because they don’t like big movements and rows, shoulder presses, chaturangas, pull downs, press backs, bridge dips, burpees, elephant walks, etc…. with all of the other animals!

I of course love that the children mimic Mommy with exercise, but what I LOVE most is seeing the refreshed, smiling Mommy at the end of class.

Will you do cat/cow with cats and cows or downward dog with your dog today? Tell me, what will you do for your mind, body and spirit today? 🙂


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