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Life is full of beauty, messes, love, anger… oh so much!

Today was a day packed with life.

It started out with a morning run date with my husband. We used to run together nearly every day before kids. These days, we often take turns running, secretly cursing whoever gets to run first. I thought it would be hard to find a babysitter on a weekend morning, but we found one. A pretty awesome one at that! Not sure why it’s taken me 5+ years to consider hiring a babysitter so we could run together?!?

Usually on my long runs I have this sense of urgency, like… I have to get home as fast as possible because someone will need me. Truth be told, most days I walk in the door and nobody is needing me. While running with my husband today I had not one worry enter my mind and I realized that it’s not my kids I’m rushing home to, it’s my husband. Do I miss him? Do I think he needs to be rescued from our beautiful, wild children? Maybe a little of both.

We talked, we ran, we scrambled up Marin Headlands, we dodged tourists on the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, we tried new routes, we laughed, smiled, growled at the noise and traffic, we marveled at the beauty surrounding us, but most of all we enjoyed our time together. It’s wonderful to have a family together, but it’s also wonderful to go back to how it all began. Running, just the two of us.



A few hours after our run, I was picking up my three boys from ice cream. As I was waiting in the car, I saw this super upbeat and happy guy walk past me. He was trying to cross a road against the signal, but stopped and saw a car, apologized and waved a fingered peace sign to it. For some odd reason this happy-go-lucky guy didn’t wait for the walk signal and tried to cross the street yet again! This time a police car came out of nowhere and gave the poor, happy guy a ticket for jaywalking!?!  I wanted to stand up for him, but I didn’t want to get a ticket in front of my children. The guy just looked so peaceful and happy. I’m fairly certain that SFPD has so many bigger problems to tackle than jaywalking.

A few hours later I saw this post on FB I was totally teary-eyed after watching it. I wished that I had something like this when I was growing up. Social media didn’t exist then but the need to be beautiful, have certain hair, clothes and everything else, was there. Aside from what we didn’t have, it is pretty awesome what girls do have now. The support system for girls these days is pretty fierce, i.e. Girls On The Run, To Get Her There, Girls For A Change, the list of resources is pretty deep. The Selfie site was pretty powerful though, and I think mothers and daughters should definitely take a look at it together.

Shortly after that, I watched an episode of Parenthood . This show had me in tears! Great actors who really hit it home for me. As couples, we all have our moments. Life is tough. Marriage is tough. I watched a couple break up, I know it’s TV, but it felt real and it felt sad. I have friends that have divorced, some with and some without kids. It just really sucks. I know how hard it can be, but I also know how beautiful it can be. I just want everyone to have their happiness, whatever that is for them.

Lastly, I bring you to Modern Family. No it wasn’t the bit with the parents talking to their daughter or the couple who broke up. It was the dad and his best friend saying goodbye. In a few short months, my family and I will be moving to Oregon. Meanwhile, my SF best friend will be moving to an undecided place shortly after. I imagine our goodbye to be much like Jay & Shorty’s goodbye. I imagine we will giggle, cry, hug and then do it all again at least one more time.

Life is pretty special when in one day you can experience, relate to and feel so much.

Keep your eyes out and your heart open! <3


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