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Drop “The Mondays” and give Monday a new meaning

It’s pretty easy to say that the majority of us associate Monday with “The Mondays” courtesy of  the 1999 film, Office Space. It’s such a funny film and fairly accurate, depending on your situation of course. The morning alarm, traffic, rushed lunch break etc… Trust me, I’ve been there. Before kids I didn’t really mind the daily grind because I could go to the gym after work till it closed and just throw a salad together for dinner. After having kids though, everything and everyone needs to be on schedule, or pretty much it all falls apart.

My day begins at 5:30am and some days 6:30am, depending on my running program. I’m done exercising by 7:30am at the latest so I can make school lunches, drop off kids, teach my class and training clients, pick my son up from school, keep both kids busy or entertained until it’s time to make dinner, and then it’s dinner, bath, stories, and bed! Phew! What a day! Fortunately, I can split my days into half work and half mom. Most of my clients though, cannot do that. They have to do everything I do, plus work 8+ hours, five days a week. How could there possibly be any time for exercise? Well, I’ve got some ideas that may add some happy sweat to your day and make you forget all about “The Mondays.”

Before or After Dinner Games with Kids:

  • Duck, Duck, Goose: Mom and Dad and/or whoever is a “duck” has to do an exercise/activity while the “goose” runs around the circle. Examples: push-ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, burpees, squats, shoulder presses, etc…
  • “Goodness Tag”: My version of Freeze Tag, when tagged you have to shout out something good that happened that day before you can start running again. When that topic is exhausted you can move on to good deeds and things that make you  happy.
  • Hide & Seek: The seeker has to do an exercise while counting and when seeking, i.e. lunges, bear crawls, frog jumps, caterpillar crawls w/ push-up, crab walks, side stepping with squat or side lunge, etc… till you he/she finds all the hiding family members.
  • Dance Party: You really can’t go wrong with a dance party, especially if you add in some break dancing attempts, “the twist,” “electric slide,” and “Jump! Jump!”
  • Story Time, ACTION: If time and energy are limited, pick a favorite story and act it out by memory or as you are reading. If you’ve been sitting most of the day, your body will be so happy to move. Another option for Story Time, ACTION is to all be moving while you and your husband (and kids if they can read) take turns reading the book. Moving options: marching in places, plank holds, mountain climbers, squats or squat holds, reverse lunges, crunches, etc…

I hope that these fun fitness tips help break you free and think of Mondays as another day to have some fun! As always, if you want a specific program designed for the above or anything, just contact me and it would be my pleasure to aid in your fitness!

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