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5 Tips To Help The Female Athlete Be Her Best

As female athletes, we are designed differently than our male counterparts. Therefore, the way we train, eat, and live daily should be different. When puberty storms in our hormones, hips, knees and practically our entire world changes. The same thing happens when we have children, get slammed by menopause and even when having to adapt to our monthly cycle. If we prepare ourselves, then we won’t feel like a feminine or pharmaceutical advertisement throughout our life. It is possible, and here’s how.

Pelvic Core Muscles: Strengthen the pelvic core muscles from the get-go. If we want to run, jump, throw, climb or effectively and efficiently move in any sport we choose, we need to strengthen our core. The core includes: the respiratory diaphragm, abdominals, the hip and back muscles, and the pelvic core muscles. The tried and true exercise for strengthening the core is performing a plank. However, we can’t forget about performing abduction and adduction exercises with resistance while moving in different planes to support our female structure. Doing these simple exercises will help prevent injury and will help support the functionality of the female body.

Respiratory Squats:

  • Slow breaths in to fill up belly and diaphragm, then exhaling every ounce slowly

Squats With A Band For Abduction (legs press out while performing the following)

  • Reaching in frontal, lateral, and transverse planes
  • From knees: 1/2 and full squats
  • From hips: 1/2 and full squats

Squats With A MB For Adduction (legs squeeze in while performing the following)

  • Reaching in frontal, lateral, and transverse planes
  • From knees: 1/2 and full squats
  • From hips: 1/2 and full squats


  • Plank on forearms or hands. Adding leg lifts and/or alternating arm lifts
  • Supine with MB or other squishy ball, between legs while performing boat pose with abdominal crunches
  • Plank of forearms or hands with a band around outside of upper legs, alternating leg abduction

Moods: Yes, it seems fairly unfair that our hormones are affected so much throughout our lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you take a look at Eastern & Western nutrition, you will realize that neither recommends a burger or lasagna as a detoxifier or for digestive support. Right? Both go back to the basics, plants!

Foods For Healing

  • Cranky Colds: berries, kale, sweet potatoes,  raw walnuts, pumpkin seeds
  • Morning Moodiness: a handful of cashews on an empty stomach should boost your mood, as cashews are a natural antidepressant.
  • Sour Stomach: raw garlic, papaya, bananas, and saurkraut

Sleep:  If you are constantly multi-tasking and are one who wants to be the very best she can be, then you need sleep. Performing on less than six hours of sleep will catch up to you, no matter how strong you’ve made your body. So, do some experiments to find out how many hours help you to function at your best and try to stick close to it.

Meditation: Creating a space in your life to release your mind from your highway of thoughts will make a world of difference. It’s hard for some of us, but there are several guided meditations to choose from. Chanting: Humming: Jai Release from Reliable: Deepak Chopra, Family: Oprah Life Class,

Training:  If you are reading this blog, you most likely don’t need any motivation to exercise. You may, however, need a reminder to listen to your body while training. It’s important to check in with your body daily for the sake of overtraining, injury prevention, and even hormonal balance.

I hope that these tips help you achieve the balance and strength your body needs! 🙂 Go get it and be well!


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