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Eating Plants

We love to eat plants in this house! My boys also love other foods like cheese, chocolate milk, and the occasional hot dog. I find it exciting and warming though when my kids get excited to eat super yummy, nutritious plant-based foods! So, I will share our two favorites!

My Mega Smoothie – These portions are based on a family of 4

– Almond Coconut Milk – I just poured till everything was covered

– Frozen Blueberries and Strawberries – 2 cups worth

– 1 Banana

– 1 tbls Maca

– 1 tbls Hempseeds

– 1 tbls Flaxseed – Ground

– 2 tbls Almond Butter

– Small handful of Gogi Berries




That drink will get you through any morning or afternoon! It is always devoured by everyone in the house! There is a usual argument as to who gets to drink the last drop! My boys LOVE this next meal, The Grand Nori Rolls, and we all just add different amounts of the following:

– Nori

– Rice (we like to combine Forbidden Rice & Jade Pearl Rice from Lotus Foods)

– Sliced Cucumbers

– Sliced Carrots

– Avocado

– Chopped Brazil Nuts

– Fresh Ginger or Pickled

– Homemade Wasabi

Coconut Aminos  

Roll it up and enjoy!



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