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Jumping Beans, Monkeys, Fort Dwellers MUST Go! Go! Go!

The great things about active kids is that there is never a dull moment. You can almost feel their energy shooting out of their limbs when their activity needs start to rise.

Sometimes when I notice this I think, “Why can’t we just read a book or do a craft project?” Well, in reality I should be thrilled that my boys want to move their bodies. So, I quickly snap out of that thought and come up with a physical game or activity.

My kindergartner is highly competitive, so our go-to game for him is to race his scooter up and down the street, trying to beat his time with each go. Once he gets in a few races, it seems the like the whole neighborhood begins to come out and join in the fun.

If you’re stumped and need some energy-releasing games, here are some others we play:

– Treasure Hunt: draw a map to lead to an “X” marks the spot in your yard or neighborhood
– Neighborhood Harvest: depending on the season, we walk around the neighborhood collecting things from nature, i.e. leaves, chestnuts, flower petals, sticks, pebbles and when we bring them home we make something out of what we collected!

– Hide & Seek: it’s timeless and fun
– “building”: we have a ton of spare wood lying around, so the boys will drag it out and create different things for hours, even days

– Outdoor Obstacle Course: Using cones, jump ropes, a timer, and whatever else you’d like you can create a really cool obstacle course to get their bodies moving, stimulate the neuromuscular system, and to practice coordination.

We now live in the Pacific Northwest and this means that it is going to be rainy, for a long time! Here is a list of indoor games to help us all through the winter! *Remember, don’t be afraid to make a mess and make a game out of cleaning it up afterwards.

– Pillow Fort: with couch cushions. Make sure to let the kids build it and design it and you can help if they ask
– Pillow Fight: get in on the fun and go crazy, but safely, with pillows
– Indoor Course: If you have a long hallway or a loop in the house you can have a race, with each leg of the race dedicated to a movement, i.e. bunny hop, bear crawl, crab walk, worm, dance-walk, etc…
– Dance Party: Who doesn’t love a dance party?!?
– Rock Concert: my kids are performers! We grab “microphones” and sing our hearts out, while jumping, sliding, dancing, or playing instruments to their music.

If you have a child that is full of energy before school, try to run around the block, one or several times, bike to school, or go for a morning walk together. Sometimes they just need an easy, effective outlet for their morning energy so their day can start off right.

Enjoy your days together, they slip by way too fast!




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