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Eat Up!

My husband and I stumbled upon consuming solely plant-based foods around the time of my running the 2014 Boston Marathon. My insides, joints, and muscles were completely out of whack, so I took my husband on this crazy culinary journey. Surprisingly, it has been a very natural and easy transition. Our boys are offered our usual, healthful, but not entirely plant-based options, though. As a couple, my husband and I will load up on nuts, seeds, greens, carrots, etc… but we know that our boys will not eat all of that goodness all of the time. For our little ones, dairy and whenever they are craving meat or fish, is definitely available to them.

Here are two plant-based meals that I have created which we all love and keep us coming back for more!

Fall Kale Wraps: 


  • Raw or lightly steamed/sautéed kale with stem
  • Peeled and chopped sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips (I usually, depending on the size, do 3 of each). Today we used 6 carrots because they were small
  • Rice – we LOVE Lotus Foods Rice and today we used the Volcanic Rice
  • Kidney Beans
  • Nuts and Seeds (we love to add in one or all of the following: brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, pine nuts, sesame seeds)

All root vegetables were roasted with some salt, olive oil, and pumpkin oil (drizzled) and baked on 375 degrees for a little under an hour. You can test softness by poking them with a fork. Occasionally, I will toast the kidney beans, sometimes I will just drain and rinse and eat as is. When everything is done, the vegetables and beans gets transferred into a bowl and the rice into a separate bowl. Everyone gets some pieces of kale and we all load it up!

Fall Roasted Root Vegetable Bowl:

We do the same as above, but we also sauté the kale. Everything gets mixed in a big bowl and sometimes we add an avocado to our individual bowls.


🙂 Enjoy!


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