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5 Thoughts For Celiacs

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002, so I get the frustration. But, I’m writing because I’ve read one too many posts about people feeling bad for themselves for having celiac disease. It can definitely be a bummer at times, but what can we do to not make it feel that way?

  • Be strong: don’t give in to temptations. Your health isn’t worth the crappy calories in that typical American diet dish anyway.
  • Be confident: who cares what anyone thinks. If you walk into a situation without a single care about having to eat a certain way, no one else will care either. Adapt the attitude that you’ve made the choice to follow a gluten-free diet, because you did. Yes, it’s been recommended by a doctor due to having celiac disease, but ultimately you made the choice to take care of your body.
  • Be Proud: do you know how many people are prescribed a certain diet, whether they are diabetic, have heart disease, etc… and ignore those sugesstions, paying a price for it later? A LOT! Be proud knowing that what you are putting into your body, is not damaging your condition further.
  • Be a Vegan: You don’t have to literally be a vegan, but that attitiude that we plant-based foodies have is indisputable. We’ve definitely gotten some criticisim for going plant-based, but in the end all data shows that plants do absolutely no harm to the body and actually protects against various cancers, diabetes, and heart disease, unlike dairy & meat products. Adapt that same attititude for being a Celiac. Data proves that maintaining a completely gluten-free diet heals the intestine and eliminates symptoms. Why would you do anything different?
  • Be Empowered: Take control of this gift to bring health to your body. Own it. The minute you take ownership and dive into making your body your temple, is when everything else will fall right into place.

Here is a picture of my latest and favorite recipe. I’m plant-powered so, this was made only with plants. Organic, Gluten-Free & Plant-Based Pizza: Chickpea crust made with chickpeas and a little millet flour, and spices. Toppings: homemade tomato sauce, homemade pesto, red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, olives, squash. People who loved it: my husband, my 6 year-old and my almost 3 year-old, and ME!




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