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Improvement, Day 1: love

“ugh. I don’t want to wake up. I feel fat. My head is foggy. I want to stay in bed. Ugh.”

I hope that no one wakes up saying or thinking any of those things. Those words are uninspiring, unmotivating, and pretty depressing. If those thoughts do creep into your mind, let’s think of some other things to say, i.e. “The sky is beautiful. I want to get after this day. It’s a beautiful morning. I feel healthy and strong. I can’t wait to use my body and mind today.” Our mind is powerful and can change the course of our day – within ourselves on a cellular level and outwardly as to what we project to the world around us.

Let’s start today off with love. If we acknowledge the love in our heart and for ourselves, the love will flow from us to those around us.





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