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No Judgement

Sometimes it can be hard not to judge. Whether it be another kid being mean to your kid or meeting someone new or comparing yourself to others in a fitness class or group run. Most of that judgement comes from our own insecurities. Wouldn’t it be a harmonious way of living if we left the judgement at the door?

As a fitness trainer, coach and avid runner of 25 years, I can be self-conscious and pretty hard on myself when it comes to strength, speed, and looking the part. I think there is a line between wanting to be an inspiration and motivating factor in my clients eyes and becoming vein. For me, I have crossed the line a few times and trust me, it feels awful. Any time I cross the line, I end up losing the joy in what I am doing and I quickly rush back to the other side.

As I was examining my figure in the mirror the other day, I thought “I don’t judge my clients or athletes, so why am I about to judge myself?” Every body that walks into my life, I accept. I can’t recall ever thinking a negative thought about anyone that comes to me for fitness advice or training. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Inside, I get really excited. My brain bubbles over with information and strategy. I focus in on form and what I can do to help their body work better for them. I feel like my brain is going into some other crazy mode, they way you’d imagine a computer, computing.

My industry is intense, competitive, and very much based on looks and strength. In order for success, we have to be really smart and really fit. It can be a  hard thing… the really fit part. Fortunately, every client I’ve welcomed into my wellness circle has welcomed me on my super fit marathon training days, my injured-for-days days, and my just-gave-birth-to-a-9lb. baby days.

On those days when you are examining YOUR figure in the mirror, STOP. If you are nourishing your body with healthful foods, fitness, and soul-inspiring works, you need not examine your body any further. Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel inspired and empowered. I know that I’ve met someone or have been a part of something right, when I leave with a smile in my heart and on my face.

#nojudgement #beyourself


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