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Baby Steps

IMG_4794Have you taken some time off due to injury, a busy life, a physical event, or a procedure? If so, what do you think the most important piece to starting back up is? Drumroll! Answer – Baby steps! Baby steps can be so hard to take. Our mind and some part(s) of our body are like, “Yeah, go for it! Let’s do this!” Then, other parts of your body scream at you to “STOP!”

My procedure/surgery was five days ago. The first two days I really didn’t want to move at all. The third day, I felt the incisions and they hurt by the end of the day – A LOT. Yesterday, I felt good and took it easy. Crawling on the ground to build train tracks with my little guy, was uncomfortable at times, but not awful. Today, I woke up feeling pretty awesome. The incisions are sore, but I can walk fairly normal.

About two weeks ago, one of my colleagues needed a sub for her class. She’s always willing to help me out, so I jumped at the chance to cover for her. I, naively, thought that I’d be just fine by the time the days of subbing approached. Last week, I practiced teaching with just verbal cues – not for the entire class, but most of it, so I thought I’d be just fine. The unfortunate part, is that the class I was subbing only had one familiar face in it. I tend to rely heavily on demonstrating and I feel like it all went smoothly, but I feel like I DO need to improve on my verbal cues. When you really can’t demonstrate, teaching fitness gets a bit more tricky.

After putting all the equipment away and locking up the studio, I experienced some pretty extreme light headedness/vertigo. Not sure which one it is/was.  I’ve never really felt this before. I’ve experienced light headedness with getting up too quickly, but this time it was really weird. Like I wasn’t really attached to my body and I definitely felt like I was going to faint. Luckily, I didn’t and was able to walk slowly home. The lesson – baby steps! I was feeling so good, but somewhere in my body, wasn’t!

Remember, you’ll get to where you want to go, it just may take a few more steps than you originally thought.


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