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Take Control of Your Life and Start Calling The Shots

Every day is a new day. A new day to become a better version of ourselves. A new day to charge and “call the shots.” It can be scary. It can be fun. With the new light of the day, take it and hold it tight. Bring it with you on your journey to being the best YOU.

We’ve all had those times in our lives when we let go of our idea, our voice, ourself. Due to the nature of our lives in 2016, it’s easy to lose ourselves or let things go. At one point we held the reins, we were in control and then something at some point deterred us. One song that really struck me recently is, “I Call The Shots”  What a great title, great lyrics, and great song by Voice contestant Hannah Huston, produced by Pharrell Williams. The moment I heard the song, I snapped out of my “fear” moment that I was experiencing from a business issue. I knew that I needed to take control of the way I was feeling and turn the whole situation around. The lyrics spoke to me then and it still does, even on the days that I don’t need the reminder. For any person who has ever had doubts in themselves, has lost some control, or struggles with “calling the shots” this message and song is the perfect song for YOU.

It’s about taking a stand for yourself. The  only way to succeed is to follow your dreams all the way no matter the obstacle. Holding onto our dreams and seeing them through is something that we all often drift away from due to the pressures of life. However, with thought, there is always a way over an obstacle. Challenge makes us stronger if we can rise above. If we understand that we ALL go through these ups and downs in life, then possibly we can all believe that we can come out on top more often than not if we take control and start “calling the shots.”

Some people that have definitely called the shots this year, that I’ve noticed, are:

The U.S.A Olympic Athletes

Kara Goucher

Sally Bergeson

Lauren Fleshman

Doug Evans

Anderson Cooper

President Obama

Bernie Sanders

Have you “called the shots” in your life, lately?


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