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HUG Podcast – Health Unleashing Greatness

Everyone needs a hug once in a while, right? How about their health? In order to live a great life, I believe everyone needs their health. HUG stands for Health Unleashes Greatness, because hugs are great but if you don’t have your health, what do you have? Podcasts will be up soon! #HUG

Since 2003, I’ve been helping people achieve the health they desire. What makes me the most excited and curious is to witness these people tailor their path to them and succeed in their version of health. Not the version that the media hints to us to be, but tailored to how they as individuals want to feel like and be like. HUG podcast will share these types of stories with all of you. Stories of every day people being great in their life because they gave attention to their health. Stay tuned for HUG podcast!