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Holistic Nutrition

Keely made the switch to a plant-based diet three years ago. Once a foggy-headed, high & low personality, high & low energy, achy bodied-athlete, and a slow recovery-athlete, Keely decided to give plants a try after listening to the Rich Roll podcast with John Joseph. The results of her plant-based initiation were astounding and she hasn’t looked back. Over the last two years she has taken courses with Brendan Brazier, eCornell Nutrition Studies, and this month with AFPA – Holistic Nutritionist Certification– 6-month program dedicated to healing with whole foods. Though eating plant-based works for Keely, she believes that not everyone responds to food in the same way. Keely’s goals have always been to help people lead their healthiest life and combat the health problems of our world that are a direct result of our nutrition.

Stay tuned for updates on Keely’s progress as her learning journey continues.



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