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Running Coach

Coaching is one of Keely’s happy places and she was fortunate enough to have coached the Portland Waldorf School’s x-country and track & field teams for four years. Her coaching journey is on hold for a bit while other parts of her career take center stage. Guiding athletes to become the best versions of themselves on and off the track is a gift that she will always treasure. Until she returns to team coaching, Keely will continue to coach individuals in events they wish to dive deep in.

Keely has been running since the age of 12. However, the last 4 years have been a rough patch of injury, lack of inspiration, and lack of motivation. Those are things that Keely is quite unaccustomed to when it comes to running. As of late, though, she’s realized that so much of her life had been dedicated to killing it in races and runs but she didn’t leave much room for growth in other areas of her life. She took a break after an ankle sprain on a trail and decided to move inward. She coached, taught fitness classes, and personal trained her clients but her personal rededication to the sport involved yoga, meditation, and runs that felt inspiring and fun instead of just needing to log miles. She knows she won’t be a professional runner, and she’s ok with that. She does know that one can enjoy running, stay fit, be happy and maintain a quality of life that allows one to focus on the things that need it at the time.

If you are looking to discover or rediscover the beauty of running, contact Keely.



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