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Bring the Family Closer by Running Across the Country

IMG_6001That’s us! Summer 2017 will be the most exciting one to date, as my husband and I will run 3,000+ miles from Boston to the Oregon Coast. It’s a feat that I have been dreaming about for years, high school is probably the first time the thought crossed my mind. However, the timing was never quite right. The timing still may not be right, but we are going to do it anyway.  My gut has been telling me to take the Oregon Trail – Rt. 20. It starts in Boston (where we are from) and ends in Oregon (where we live). There will be some additional navigating to avoid super busy roads, stay in the country, and to possibly avoid a ferry or not. Running across the country completions has been recorded by 252 people so far. So, we are definitely not the only ones but it’s an adventure that we just don’t want to wait any longer to do.

Not only do we want to run across the country, but we also want to share our “loves” along the way too. I dream of teaching fitness classes and juicing demos and my husband dreams of sharing his hardware hacking skills to kids along the way. Even though an audience for health & tech hangouts will be few and far between, there will be opportunities to share our work. Between blog posts, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube we will keep everyone informed on our progress and when the next health & tech hangout will be.

Coming along for the ride will be our two boys and my parents. Our boys love running and riding their bikes. My husband and I met running. As parents, we are so busy during the school year that we really want to dedicate some time to us as a family – a running family adventure seems like the perfect way. Being a fitness professional, my goal is to inspire wellness. My husband is an electrical engineer/hardware hacker who wants to inspire his community, both young and old, to wellness. So, this family adventure feels right. Every thread of my body screams for this adventure. We just need to do it right, for all of us.


  • Route: Southern or Northern? East or West? Leaning towards Rt. 20
  • Days of Journey: hoping to complete between 90-120 days
  • Mode of transportation/housing other than feet – tour bus
  • Travelers: My husband and I, two kids, and my parents
  • Have all technology ready to promote our health & tech hangouts
  • List of supplies:
    • shoes
    • juicer
    • Vitamix
    • Vega
    • Orgain Meal Replacement drink or something like it
    • Places to buy and how to keep fresh fruit and veggies
    • Bulk Nuts & Seeds
    • other food
    • water
    • clothes
    • sunscreen
    • baby wipes
    • bikes
    • Necessities for the kids
    • fun activities planned for the kids
    • ASTC Museum Membership (Children’s Museums)
    • Sponsors?
    • Media?
    • Tools to document journey


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Lead by Example

As parents, I think we sometimes forget that we are the best example for our children. They come into this world knowing nothing. They pretty much grow and learn from us and the experiences we give them.

Last year, while living in San Francisco, I felt that as a family we were good examples for our children, but we had some work to do. The stress of living in a big, busy city, i.e. crowded playgrounds, cramped houses, little neighborhood playing, growing homeless population, and increasing expenses (just to name a few) added a great deal of stress to our lives and in turn, our children’s lives too.

Upon moving to Portland, OR, our lives finally felt manageable and healthy. Stress became nearly non-existant, which made everything else easy and fun. Due to the family-centered neighborhood we live in not only can my husband and I enjoy our running but our boys can safely bike, scooter, walk, and eventually run all around the area.

IMG_4113 IMG_3400

Cooking meals together was hassle in our old home and now we all make meals together, most days. Earlier in the day, my two boys were “fighting” over cauliflower and this evening they were doing the same over brussel sprouts. Given the pace we were living in SF, those types of fresh vegetables weren’t typically around and now they always are. I made the cauliflower for lunch and my husband made the brussel sprouts for dinner. We both loved what we were making and that love encouraged our kids to eat it too.

Right after dinner, tonight, my almost three year-old wanted to walk on his hands and do a hand stand. As a compromise (since he doesn’t have any gymnastics training yet), we did wheelbarrow around the house, from room to room, multiple times. I imagine that seeing me train my clients in bear crawls, down dog shoulder presses, and all the fun, crazy body weight exercises, encouraged my little guy to experiment with his own body too.

Not only does being an example of healthy behaviors translate to our children, but so does our moods, the way we communicate with one another, expressing our likes and dislikes, our reading, TV, computer, and phone behaviors do as well.

Our Examples:

  • making healthy smoothies together in the morning
  • our daily running
  • oohing and ahhing over fresh fruits and vegetables
  • giving loving smiles to each other throughout the day
  • making donations
  • taking care of our bodies
  • taking a breath or meditating when we need it
  • each person takes a part in making meals and snacks

What do you do to be the example to your kids?  I’d love to read it below.

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Worthy Words

I took the weekend off from writing any posts. I spent time with my family and friends. We ate, laughed, exercised, told stories and worked on various projects. My husband and I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k on Sunday, which we followed it up by brunching with our friends and kiddos. The day was beautiful for running and spending time together. My husband and five year-old worked on building a robot Sunday afternoon, which my little guy won’t let out of his sight. Pretty cute stuff.



I’ve been sitting at my desk writing and rewriting ideas for today’s post. Trying to find words worthy of your eyes. Last week, I decided that I would dedicate this week to mental illness. Why mental illness? Well, some of the awful tragedies of last year and years past have shown mental illness to blame, while others are very uncertain as to why it even happened. I’ve been thinking about how to proceed with the idea ever since. After rummaging through endless articles regarding the senseless acts of violence over the years, I started to not want to write anything. It’s scary, disturbing and really sad to read about all the “stuff.” So, I’m going to write about positive outcomes and helpful tips regarding mental illness in the week ahead.

Mental illness has such a broad definition. It ranges from depression to schizophrenia to eating disorders. To quote Mayo Clinic, “A mental health concern becomes a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function. A mental illness can make you miserable and can cause problems in your daily life, such as at work or in relationships.” If this is you, please seek help.

I do have a story I am working on, but I need to tweak it first. In the meantime, love, help and support one another. 🙂


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