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The BIG 3 In Fitness Can Bring Transformation To a Group

Fitness isn’t just giving people a kick-ass workout. It’s not about making them puke or sweat so much they need to be peeled off the ground. Of course, that can happen, but it’s really about being completely present for your people for the hour you are with them and about transformation. Over the last two months. I’ve noticed for the first time that my personal training, coaching, and group fitness instructing skills and methods have collided. Instead of keeping them all separate like I usually do, I’ve applied my style, personality, and methods of each to each of them and have found greater success. Coaching, Knowledge & Energy Combo, and Personal Attention are my BIG 3 In Fitness. My athletes want the knowledge and personal attention. Fitness members often need individual attention and like to be coached. Personal training clients want the energy and knowledge I bring to a class and thrive on the coach that comes out of me.

IMG_8521 IMG_8552In the past, my style would change like you’d change a hat. “Ok, it’s time to a be a one-on-one trainer now and stoically pay close attention to each muscle movement and effort.” “Oh! Now it’s time to coach these kids to understand the point of this workout and inspire them to execute it properly.” “Time for a show! Amp up the energy and get these members ready for some fitness fun!” Every group that I work with, needs the BIG 3’s and they all require them in different degrees.

As fitness professionals, I think that if we all take one big step back we can notice that every person in a group or solo needs us to be completely present and needs to be seen, heard, encouraged, enlightened, and energized. When a group is informed rather than just told what to do, their movements take on a whole new effort. When someone is having an off day and is truly seen by us, we’ve just made their day a bit lighter for them. During instruction, if we can step away from barking movements, to succinctly explaining why we do certain movements a certain way, enlightens people. We end up not only promoting health but we are also teaching. When negative self talk has crept into any one of their minds, someone to plug “This pull-up represents you pulling yourself up out of anything!” will literally pull them through their day, or more! Bringing all of this together naturally promotes transformation. When you’ve got someone dedicated to all of those things, just for you in that hour, how can transformation not take place?

The BIG 3 in Fitness – Coaching, Knowledge & Energy Combo, and Personal Attention are essential to fitness success. Whether you are in just one of the roles that I am in, the BIG 3 will transform the people you are working with in a big way.




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Mama’s Got Change Book Club – Our Female Bodies

We go through A LOT! Starting from birth, we have these amazing bodies that move, grow, and shape as we age. Some of us wish that we could be as physically strong or fast as our male counterparts but we, to put it simply, are just built differently. So, when I read material authored by male fitness pros and/or research performed by men… I just have a hard time agreeing. Here’s the thing, I don’t even think we, as women, really understand the complexities of our body and men certainly don’t either. The intricacies of our hormones on an individual level can’t be compared to a small cohort of women from a study.

I used to puke every time I got my period and now the only reason I know I have it is because I see blood. I’ve taken courses and certications to help me understand and work with women better and nothing has even compared to my own exploration. When my hormones weren’t under control, a hard workout on my first day of menstration was hard! I still did it though. Now, my workout can be just like any other day. So, when I read articles and research regarding hormones and how to adjust exercise regimens around the menstruation cycle I… pause. I pause because I love science and I love learning, but at the same time every women needs to learn their own body and find what works best for them – from nutrition to stress to exercise.

Reading about hormones has been a pastime of mine for the past seven years or so, specifically beginning when we were thinking about having children. Since going plant-based, gaining some knowledge of my own genetic make-up, and seeing women all around me struggle with their own hormones has really intensified that fire for understanding our bodies. Since I’m not a doctor or a naturopath, I leave diagnosing and all that jazz to the professionals. However, I do think learning is important for all of us women. We need to take a stand for our health and equip ourselves with information so we aren’t blind-sided at age 45 or 50, feeling achy, run-down, or maybe even buzzing at night sleepless all the while being diagnosed with excess estrogen or cortisol or testosterone!

To gain this knowledge, I propose a health book club and the first book is The Hormone Diet by Natasha Turner, ND. I’ve read others but this one really has spoken to me, just in the first couple of chapters. No one needs to take every thing they read as complete truth, but learning as much as one can to better themselves and their health is how you find the truth. We will talk, discuss, say “Yes” or say “No way.” We will agree and disagree. In the end, we will discover more about ourselves than we knew before we  flipped to the first page. You can post a message below or contact me at to be added to the secret Facebook page – Mama’s Got Change Book Club.



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