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Take Pride In Being You and Spread PMA


Appreciating yourself and others goes a long way. Having PMA goes even further. If you line 10 people up and take a quick look at their build, you will notice that each person looks different. They may all be able to do the same amount of push-ups, miles, or squats but one might have more defined calves and another might have a defined upper body. Maybe one person is long and lean, while another is short and stocky. For instance, my husband and I are both runners and we typically run the same mileage. I, being a personal trainer, perform weight bearing exercises multiple days a week. My husband doesn’t do anything other than run. His upper body is defined and mine looks strong but not defined like his. However, I can do things that would be a complete struggle for him.

Today, I was running on the Springwater Corridor. I’ve been pretty hard on myself when it comes to my running ability and form since my surgery and today started out no different. Until, I let PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) come into my mind. I stood tall, corrected my form, and just went. The run felt good, not really fast, but good. A bit before my turn around point I saw this runner who, to me, looked beautiful and strong. I thought, “Wow she looks amazing! I wonder how far ahead she will be by the time I head back.” I surprised myself when I passed that same runner not too long after I had turned around. I almost engaged in negative self-talk when I saw that runner, but I stopped myself and decided to just be happy to be out running. When I decided to have PMA I was able to maintain my pace and pass her when I had no goal of doing so. Had I started to beat myself up after seeing how incredible she looked, I may not have continued my effort and my run would have ended on a real negative tone.

Through the years as a trainer, my body has been scrutinized and gotten long looks up and down. I’ve gotten feedback about my build that has hurt. I can’t count the number of times that people are shocked by my strength because I’m not really built and I’m on the more average-looking side. So often, as I am setting up for a class where the clients don’t know me, they question my education and experience based on the way I look – it could be my youth-like appearance (yet I’m 37 and have been training, teaching, and learning for 15+ years), my not crazy definition, who knows. When I am done teaching though, you can tell that they hold me in a completely different light than when they first met me. The majority of the time, I am thanked and asked what other days and times I am teaching.

We all have views of ourselves and occasionally we size up others, but why? Why do we torture ourselves and others in our heads? We are in this crazy, awesome, challenging world together so why not support each other regardless of any factor. If goodness breathes in our soul, then goodness is what we should exhale and disperse into the world.

Start with PMA. Any time a negative thought enters your mind, stop the thought in its tracks. Turn it around with a positive thought. The more positive energy you hold, the more people will catch your PMA.

Share your PMA stories below and let’s see if someone catches it!

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2,015 Miles in 2015, WHY?

Why am I running 2,015 miles in 2015? Well, the only answer that I can give is that it makes me feel alive. I’ve been a runner for over 20 years and have raced in the 4x100m all the way to the marathon, and everything in between.




Last year, was tremendous. I set out to qualify for and run the 2014 Boston Marathon to show my support for Boston and the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. I did it and it was beautiful. I had to stop myself from crying nearly every step of the way on that fan-full course. The scene and cheers were so overwhelming, I couldn’t help myself from high-fiving every little kid standing on the sidelines.


Being stricken by the flu the week before the marathon and really struggling to finish the race, I swore I didn’t want to do another one. Two days later, after reading that Team Healthy Kids and Dean Karnzases (Team Healthy Kids Amabassador for the Chicago Marathon) needed some additional runners to join them, I found myself inquiring and signing up for the team and persuading my husband to join as well. Six weeks leading up to the marathon I succumbed to my plantar fasciatis, but my husband stayed strong and was able to compete in the race. Being a contender in the fight against obesity, it was an honor to be on the team and surrounded by such passionate, healthy people.


With a little time off, we decided to give the marathon one more go in 2015 – Foot Traffic Flat in Portland, OR . Just one more chance to post a super awesome time. Being a little sick of road running, I also signed up for the Portland Trail Series this spring/summer. I thought my running calendar would be stacked with super fun running in 2015 and then, 2,015 miles in 2015 came into my life!

2,015 Miles in 2015 was created by Run the Edge, the team of Adam Goucher &  Tim Catalano. In a few days, a few thousand runners have signed up for this awesome challenge. I’m on a FB page dedicated to all of the runners taking part in this and it is truly inspiring to read everyone’s reasons, progress, and excitement AND it’s only been ONE day! Wow!

So I guess running 2,015 miles in 2015 means being a part of community, taking on a different challenge, and sharing in the glories of running with a few thousand people. 🙂


-Keely Grand
What will move you in 2015?



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