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Becoming In All Aspects of Life

IMG_7554Last month, my son’s second grade teacher opened our last class meeting with the statement, “We are all becoming.” BECOMING. This is a word that we all know and have probably felt, but to put into a thought such as this, that yes we truly “are all becoming” is extremely powerful. This not only holds true for children, but for all of us. I think this is true for myself and for whoever is reading this. We are always becoming in every aspect of our lives, wellness included.

Over the last 13 years, I have had the privilege of personal training many different people living and moving in varied bodies. Group fitness has occupied a lot of my last nine years. Primarily pre & post-natal fitness in the beginning, and in recent years I’ve moved more to a broad spectrum of athletes. Yes, athletes. We are all athletes in a fitness class and in life. Michael Johnson said it best, “Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter; long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best.”

During my second semester in graduate school at Emerson College in the Health Communication program, Tim joined the staff. Dr. Tim Edgar was brilliant and tough. He scared me. I was shy, timid, unsure, not confident at all… he didn’t see me at my best and he knew it. I did well, but wasn’t a star. I wanted to be the star. We wrote emails back and forth over the last 14 years, as I wanted to stay connected and, at times, to show him that I was making a difference in the world. In one exchange he wrote, “I just clicked on your website, and it sounds like you’re doing wonderful work.” What Tim did for me, was he lit a fire in me. His high expectations and academic standards pushed me to “become” throughout graduate school and still today. He lit a fire in me that drives me to be better every day – to constantly learn and seize every opportunity to grow in my profession.

Recently, I began writing a book that I knew he’d approve of, as a graduate of his program. In addition to the book, I decided to become a ‘master’ of some of my current skills, so I enhanced my comprehension of youth fitness literacy and of running – my favorite sport. I longed to master these two areas of fitness and that fire from Tim grew as I began yet another educational endeavor. I found myself studying from the guys at SpiderFit Kids and the expert of everything running, Jason Karp of Run-Fit. Sellwood Yoga & Align Fitness recently gave me the opportunity to put this fine-tuned knowledge to use with two new classes this winter – Kids Fitness Series and Running Clinic Series.

Today, as I was locking up the studio after class, I was met with this piercing cold that took my breath away. It reminded me of the cold winters in Boston as I’d leave class from the Emerson College and Tufts University buildings. In the moment of bitter cold, I couldn’t breathe. My mind shot to graduate school and my time there flashed in front of me. It was a tiny sliver of time in this life we may sometimes think is long. However tiny, this sliver of time overwhelmed me.

I embraced the moment and continued to run back to my son’s school to pick up my car and bring my youngest to a wellness check-up. When I got to my car, a notification popped up on my phone from my grad school friend and roommate. Dr. Edgar, Tim, had died in a tragic car accident while traveling in India.

The fire inside will continue to grow as I “become”. I feel blessed to have had such a fierce Professor in Tim. A Professor who wouldn’t himself settle for and didn’t want us to settle for anything less than 110+%. I hope 2017 allows us all to “become” and give that 110+% that we all deserve to give and those around us deserve to receive.


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Springtime Brings…

Everything is a bloom from your soul to the flowers. What better time to put some races down in the calendar and some plant-based recipes to your shopping list.

Two days ago, I watched Lauren Wallace come out of, what seems, nowhere and demolish the field in the 1000m National Indoor Track & Field Championships at Reggie Lewis in Rixbury, MA. She obviously was a contender, but she led, fell behind, and then came from behind with fierce passion. What a beautiful race! If you want to be inspired check her out here: Lauren Wallace 1000m

At the same track meet one of my favorite competitors, Shannon Rowbury, stepped onto the track with “Shocking Pink” lipstick. In honor of her “super tough but always positive” grandmother who dressed up for important events, Rowbury embodied a women of confidence, beauty, and a mission. The mile was hers in 4:34.30 and said to Runners World afterwards, “Races are pretty special occasions – I only race maybe 20 times a year – so I might as well get dressed up for them. When you decide to put a hot pink lipstick on, you better bring your A game.”

On the strength side of things I watched Jerem Bodyworkout on TRX Training perform a super crazy strength exercise that made my muscles hot. The very next day I had to give myself a killer bodyweight workout.

If those three don’t inspire you just a little to get some goals in the books, let me know.

Food! What we out into our bodies is what we are and how we sustain ourselves. I’ve coem across two apps that have helped me make recipes that are appealing and not super duper hard, because I am not the best cook or recipe-follower. FOK (Forks Over Knives) has some of my favorite recipes and Yummky has also been helpful to me. Both are apps and are very user-friendly. My favorite podcast host, Rich Roll, is coming out with a cookbook in April, which I know will revolutionize my kitchen and meal preparation, so be in the lookout for that.

With all of these awesome things to propel us into spring, how could we not feel good and smell the roses! Enjoy your spring and be your best!



Walk the walk, right?

Keely is signed up for the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon in July and the Portland Trail Series this spring. She also recently took over the coaching position at The Portland Waldorf School to inspire everything running in a group of some awesome kids. Plant-based nutriton is still her way and she too will be purchasing Rich Roll’s book next month! Your turn!

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