Keely Grand





 Believe in each other. Help one another. Seek understanding. Live authentically. Know your limits. Love yourself. Reach for the stars. Love what you do. Find what makes your heart beat. Be in the moment. Eat your veggies. Plants make the world go 'round. Fuel with food that makes you feel good. Good morning. Make the sun shine even when it's raining. Elevate. Do good because it feels good. Push. Pull. Strength. Muscle Power = Brain Power. Get your heart pumping. Move your body. Challenge your neuromuscular system. Listen to your body. Stretch comfort zones. Be in control of your body and your thoughts. Movement heals. Learn. Grow. Clapback. Be light. Share the fire within for positive change. Talk. Share. Learn. Love you. Do you. Be you. Be joy. Your best is yet to come. Wellness. Mindful. Meditate. Share Your Story. Become. Love. Health Unleashes Greatness. 




Bootcamp Classes

You can find me teaching at Sellwood Yoga & Align Fitness every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. This is a total-body workout designed to be fun and uplifting, as well as sweaty! Come check it out!

Mindful Running
April 2019

Sometimes it’s nice to run with a group or be guided before, during, and after a run. Join Keely for a “whole” run. We will be working on our mind, body, and soul in this hour with each other.

April 2019

I do believe that Health Unleashes Greatness but sometimes we need someone to help us along the way. In Guided #HUG we will meet as a group to support one another on this journey. Conversation, workout design, nutrition, and meditation will be the main components we will incorporate.


boot camp classes

Push your body to your individual limits. This is a class that allows you to push past your comfort zones while still listening to your body. You’ll leave your workout feeling refreshed, worked, and ready to transform your day.


mindful running

I’ve experienced running as an athlete for over 25 years and have studied running for over half of those years. It’s easy to get caught up in pace, races, and times but there is so much more to running especially as we age. Together, we will practice being whole and being present in the run. We will also stretch and breathe together to give gratitude to our body for carrying us.


guided #HUG

Health Unleashes Greatness and as a group the power of health is greater. Together, I will guide the group in individual fitness program design, nutrition, wellness planning, and space to support one another.

The woman who loves herself

although she may be broken,

The women who loves herself, will never fall.

The man who loves himself

although he may be broken,

The man who loves himself, will never fall.

And I, I'm singin' this song for their healing

And I, I'm singin' this song for their wholeness

And I, I'm signin' this song for their freedom

And I, I'm singin' this song for LOVE.