When the Stopwatch Stops, Heart Doesn't


The Heart

pumps, feels, continues on.

My first gig as a coach was when I was 22! My high school coach, Mr. Croughan, asked me to coach with him but I had already signed on to coach Bayview Academy - though I did try to get out of the contract! Since then, I’ve coached three other different teams namely because Mr. C was in my corner. I had the education and I had the experience of being an athlete under a truly gifted coach. Running saved my life, set me free from my anxiety-ridden mind, and introduced me to most of the people in my life today. Mr. C was both quirky and wise. He was unapologetically himself which is one of the most important things to be in life, especially with young minds watching on. He had inspiration for every hill and valley life presents. All of those books out there where you can read about the meaning of life, he expressed to me over 20 years ago all the way up to our last conversation. He was full of laughter. Full of love. Full of the gift of giving. Full of wisdom. I’m so lucky that he stayed in my life for as long as he did. I had hoped he’d be around to see my own kids run track, but I’ll just have to continue to keep him around with memories. I’m a coach because of him. I am partly who I am because of him. I am partly where I am because of him. He helped grow me and I slowly began to thrive as my own person because of him. The stopwatch stops, but heart lives forever.

I can hear your voice

I can see your smile

‘See ya’

You taught me how to move my feet 

and swing my arms

You helped me believe 

In something, in me

‘See ya’

I had no voice 

Till I stepped on the track

You said ‘go!’

my world wide open

‘See ya’

You gave me a place to fight

To grow

To let my legs go

To let my voice soar

‘See ya’

You taught me how to be something

To someone else

No matter how fast 

Or how slow

‘See ya’

Without you

There wouldn’t be 

The me of today

Love you Mr. C

‘See ya’