Running Angel’s Rest

Running Angel’s Rest

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I believe in intentional wellness program design for health and well-being. Connecting with clients is the most important to me because when there is a connection we can achieve greater success. When intuitive movement, nutrition, and the mind are used together to create a program, greatness will follow.

intuitive Movement

Phases are normal. Every 5 years or so, it seems as though my body is in a different phase of life. With each phase, my body yearns for different training. My most pronounced phases were angst - a ton of boxing and fast running, fierce - heavy mileage and crazy fitness and running goals, mellow - move the way it feels good on the day while pulling a little from my previous phases. The goal is to find the phase you feel like you are in and create movement goals based on YOU.

My favorite piece of equipment  TRX !

My favorite piece of equipment TRX!

intuitive nutrition

Nutrition plays a huge role in hormonal balance, sleep, energy, disease, life living and expectancy, and so much more. I believe in a plant-based lifestyle, low lectin and gluten-free nutrition. However, I also believe in finding the food that fuels your individual body so you feel your best - intuitive eating - that’s how I adopted my nutrition.

the mind

Meditation. Being in the moment. Being conscious of our reactions. Listening to our thoughts. Responding with care. Being in control of only the things we can control. Flexibility. Grounding. All of these things, plus more, are important and can also be improved. Our brain can learn and adapt. Our mind is an equal part in our wellness.

Green juice

Green juice